Personal Profile



  Known Name : Ajeet Sharma
Little Ajeet when i was in 7 Days
My Childhood

Ajeet with Sister

Ajeet with Mother

  Poet Name : Magroor Mungeri
  Date of Birth : 07th of October, 1979
  Zodiac Sign : Libra
  Height : 5'11"
  Eye Color : Magic Black
  Hair Color : Shiney Black
  Birth Place : Kahalgoan,Bihar
  Religion : Sanatana "the eternal law"
  Education :

Masters of Science from Bhagalpur University.

MBA form New Delhi.

  Marital Status : Single
  Languages : Hindi, English


Little bit moody and unpredictable. Optimistic, very practical, very caring, very protective, very loving, and also childishly.

  Hobbies & Interests: : Nation Building, Protect Human Rights
  Style of Clothing: : Very rarely wears formals. Loves to wear casuals especially, black and blue, tight fitting jeans with cufflinks shirts.


Family Background

Father's Name
 Sh. Satya Narayan Sharma
 :- A Great Artist and a Freedom Fighter
Mather's Name
 Mrs. Manju Sharma
 :- A Social Worker and A Beauty Artist
   One Younger Sister and One Youger Brother



Ajeet Sharma Everywhere: One thought, and with reason enough.
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